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A musical narrative of climate change problems and solutions


The premiere presentation of Carlos Patino’s How Dare You! a large-scale musical work that addresses the network of problems propagated by climate change. Presented in two sections, the first represents issues with climate change in 3 separate movements. The second section represents possible solutions in one movement. Each movement’s distinct style, instrumentation, and composition help transmit the concepts explored in their respective sections.

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The composer formed unique ensembles for each movement and drew inspiration from nature, politics, environmental issues, and sustainability processes. Varied instrumentation in each ensemble is unified by recurring yet modulatory instrumentation, electronic sounds, and various motifs throughout the whole piece.

The 24-musician orchestra will be conducted by Camilo Tellez. The event is taking place outdoors to reinforce the concepts explored throughout the work.

How dare you!

The premier presentation of Carlos Patino’s large-scale musical work that addresses the network of problems propagated by climate change.

Bring your blanket and join us to enjoy the chamber orchestra.


Sunday October 16, 2022

Concert starts at 5pm


Matheson Hammock Park, 
Coral Rock Shelter Area
9610 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL 33156

Free with RSVP |

Let us know if you need special accommodations


First Section

Movement I

We are running out of time


This first movement serves as the preface of the project. We Are Running Out of Time addresses the problematic discussion regarding climate change policies. It presents a narrative of conflict between environmentalist activists and global politicians who are well-known climate change skeptics. Musically, this conflict is maintained throughout the whole movement, and contains moments in which the environmentalists’ arguments cover the narrative of the climate change deniers, and vice versa. As gradually the movement develops through minimal processes, the perception of time and consonance starts to be compressed until reaching a cacophonic climactic point, which is released at the end of the movement with a monophonic texture in which members of the choir recite a series of reflexive questions. Through music, the composer is responding to the article titled Is Time Running Out? The Case of Global Warming, by anthropologist Mary Douglas with her co-authors Marco Thompson and Marco Verweij.


Piano, Choir (SSAATTBB), woodwinds (flute 1, flute 2, oboe, soprano sax, B♭ clarinet 1, B♭ clarinet 2, bass clarinet 1, bass clarinet 2, and Bassoon), and electronics.

Running time:

16 minutes

Movement II

Gasping Breaths.


According to W.H.O. (World Health Organization), the combined effects of ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution cause about seven million premature deaths every year, largely as a result of increased mortality from heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections. Gasping Breaths addresses air pollution and its devastating consequences on the human body. This piece is a beautiful statement on the climate crisis, where the polluted air causes the performer to demonstrate the difficulties of breathing, with effects of coughing and gasping for air, symbolized by flute extended techniques such as Gasping, tongue pizz, and jet whistles.


Flute and electronics

Running time:

11 minutes

Movement III

Mourning chants.


“A Famous Alpha Wolf’s Daughter, Spitfire, Is Killed by a Hunter. The shooting of another Lamar Canyon pack member has renewed calls for a buffer between Yellowstone and nearby lands, to protect roaming wolves.” “A wild wolf known as 926F, dear to the hearts of wolf watchers who visit Yellowstone, was killed by a hunter as it wandered just outside the park last weekend.” “A rare white female wolf that hikers found as she lay dying last month on the north side of Yellowstone National Park near the Montana border, was shot illegally, officials have determined.” (Robbins)

"Mourning Chants" addresses the destruction of our fauna. Specifically, it addresses the conflicts of natural parks, such as Yellowstone, and its mission to protect wolves. Within the park, these animals have little fear of humans, but once they wander beyond the park's imaginary boundaries, wolves can easily be killed by trophy hunters. This piece evokes the wolves’ spirit through a howling chant, which is played by a pack of woodwind instruments.


Woodwinds (oboe, soprano sax, B♭ clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon)

Running time:

6 minutes

Second Section

Movement IV

Proposed solution: Sustainable energy.


Engaging, responding, and reacting directly to the issues exposed in the movements of the first section, this second section offers a counter narrative to the problem of climate change.
The word “aeolian” derives from the Greek mythology “Aeolus” (Αἴολος), the ancient name of the keeper of the winds. Aeolian energy is the energy of the wind, and is the cheapest and most efficient of all the renewable energies. As this movement is inspired by Aeolian energy, the music develops a constant clockwise circular movement of musical parameters that symbolize the motion of an Aeolian turbine. There are three woodwind quartets spatialized on stage as a circle. Within each one of the quartets, the music constantly rotates in clockwise motion. Also, there is a spatial manifestation: The music gradually rotates from one ensemble to another in a circular motion. This movement generates different combinations of timbre, pitch collections, dynamics, density, motifs, register, rhythm, and the sense of a general rotation of elements on stage. The movement of these parameters repeats throughout the piece symbolizing the circular motion of a turbine’s propellers.


Woodwinds (flute 1, flute 2, oboe, soprano sax, B♭ clarinet 1, B♭ clarinet 2, alto sax 1, alto sax 2, bass clarinet 1, bass clarinet 2, baritone sax, and Bassoon).

Running time:

13 minutes

Musicians Bios

Carlos Patiño


Carlos Patino is a Colombian composer, producer, scholar, and music educator. He holds a Doctoral degree in music theory and composition from the Frost School Of Music at the University of Miami, and a Master of music degree with emphasis in commercial composition from the Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, Florida.


Patino has worked as a Post-producer, assistant audio engineer and audio editor for albums such as "Pá Qué Más'' by the Quinteto Leopoldo Federico, nominated for the Latin Grammys 2017, "Astor Piazzolla- Legacy" by Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin, released by Naxos records 2017, nominated for the ICMA International Classical Music Awards 2018, and “Bach Sonatas and partitas for solo violin” by Tomas Cotik” and “Telemann Fantasies for solo violin”, both released by Centaur Records, among others. Patino is the author of the scholarly music book titled “SOLISTAS – Instrumentos de cuerda pulsada I” published by the Editorial Javeriana in Colombia, featuring compositions for soloist guitar, cuatro, and tiple; the recording of the same project was released by Hoot/Wisdom Recordings in Boca Raton, Florida in 2018.


As a composer and producer of the UMTI artistic collective, Patino has had art exhibitions in Brazil, and Colombia. He was a member of a Colombian rock band called RedO'Clock, sharing the stage with artists such as Foster The People, Evanescence, Garbage, Dead Kennedys, Molotov, J Balvin, Andres Cepeda, among others. As a film scorer, he has worked for different documentaries in Argentina, Spain, and Colombia, such as “Siete días para la Gloria – Independiente Santa Fe fútbol club” and “El más veces Campeón – Millonarios Fútbol Club.”


Dr. Patino is currently working as a board member and director of The Arts 4 All, a non-profit organization that promotes education through performing arts in Broward county.

Camilo Tellez


Colombian conductor Camilo Tellez was appointed Dudamel Conducting Fellow with LA Philharmonic during 2021/2022 session, commitment that included conducting the LA Phil in 2 concerts and work as an assistant for the renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel.


During the 2022 summer Tellez worked with the YOLA National Festival and Encuentros Program, as guess artist preparing the Orchestras and conducting at the Walt Disney concert Hall and Hollywood Bowl. Tellez has had the opportunity to conduct orchestras in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Finland, Netherland, Greece and Colombia. Some of this include the Netherlands Philharmonic, Naples Phil, South West Florida Orchestra, Florida Orchestra, LA Philharmonic, Athens Symphony, Turku Chamber Orchestra, Florianopolis Camerata, Prisma Symphony Orchestra and the Manizales Symphony Orchestra.


A staunch advocate for new music and the celebration of contemporary and Latin American composers, Tellez has worked and collaborated with composers as Steve Reich, John Williams, John Adams and Steve Mackey and participated for the Green Umbrella Concert series, an event that features world Premier pieces commissioned by the LA Phil.


For the 2022/2023 season Tellez will have his conducting debut with Colombian Orchestras such as Filarmónica de Bogota, Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia and EAFIT orchestra in Medellin.


Tellez holds a Master’s Degree in Orchestral Conducting from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and an Artist Diploma from the University of Miami Frost School of Music. He studied orchestral conducting at Juan N. Corpas and piano with Maestra Ines Leyva in Colombia graduating with Suma Cum Laudem.

Dmytro Gnativ


Dmytro Gnativ is from Sambir, Ukraine. He had the opportunity to work with many renowned flute players including Samuel Coles, Aldo Baerten, Jennifer Grim, Henrik Svitzer, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Paul Walberg, Ransom Wilson, and many others. Mr. Gnativ also came in second place with his flute quartet at the V. Starchenko International Competition in Rivne. This led to the position of principal flute in the Khmelnytsky Philharmonic Orchestra, the Khmelnytsky Band Orchestra, and to a faculty position at the music conservatory “Preludia”.

In 2017 Dmytro was invited to study at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Master’s degree) under the mentoring of Dr. Jennifer Grim. Winner of concerto competition at UNLV (2018).

Since 2019 Dmytro Gnativ is Teaching Assistant at the Frost School of Music, faculty at the “Musicall Inc.”, as well as the member of many local ensembles and orchestras. In Spring 2020 Mr. Gnativ graduated with an Artist Diploma degree from University of Miami, Frost School of Music where he is currently pursuing his DMA degree.



Yana Zixuan

Yana Zixuan Yan is currently pursuing her Doctor of Musical Arts in flute performance at the University of Miami and is a teaching assistant to Dr. Jennifer Grim. As an avid soloist, she has been a prizewinner of various festival and competitions including the Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy (PRISMA), and the Madeline Island Chamber Music festival. Other accolades include being a winner of the 2021 Frost Concerto Competition and 2018 UNLV Concerto Competition, the top winner in 2021 Quebec International Music Competition, the third prize in 2021 Charleston International Baroque Music Competition, Honorable mention in the Schubert Club Competition in Minnesota and a selected performer on Thursday Musical Artist Series at MacPhail Center for Music in 2017.



Daniel Graber

Daniel Graber is an oboist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He grew up listening to many combo and big band charts written and arranged by his father, music teacher, and jazz trumpeter, Brian Graber. Daniel began learning the oboe under the instruction of Jaren Atherholt, former principal oboist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Mrs. Atherholt helped him blossom as a young musician, giving him the opportunity to study nationally and abroad.

Daniel attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts where he took classes for theory, musicianship, and performance in addition to conservatory-style training. While attending NOCCA, Daniel worked with classical and jazz musicians alike, attending concerts and masterclasses with such renowned musicians as Yo-Yo Ma and the Marsalis family. 

Daniel enrolled in undergraduate study at Kent State University, where he studied with Danna Sundet and began to freelance as an oboist in the Northeast Ohio area. Since attending KSU, Mr. Graber has performed with numerous ensembles in Ohio, Louisiana, and Florida including the Stow Symphony Orchestra, New Resonance Orchestra, Lake Charles Symphony, and the South Florida Symphony Orchestra. Daniel completed a master’s degree at Lynn University, where he studied with former New York Philharmonic principal oboist Joe Robinson.  Daniel now resides in Miami, where he pursues a Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Frost School of Music and performs with orchestras and teaches at schools across the state.

Alex Jashinski
Soprano Saxophone


Alex Jashinski is a saxophonist and woodwind doubler currently residing in Miami, FL. He is a rising senior at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami pursuing a degree in classical instrumental performance with a minor in music business. Alex is proficient in saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, and the respective family instruments. This has allowed Alex to be able to perform in a wide range of musical settings including high level classical repertoire, musical theater pit orchestra work, big bands, and small group Jazz.

Alex has performed in many professional music groups stretching across the country from Kansas City, KS to Miami, FL. His latest job has been with the Cedar Summerstock Theatre Company as a reed player in the pit orchestra and intern to the company manager. As an artist, Alex has also been involved in premiering new music from composers at the Frost School of Music. He has premiered new works for saxophone, clarinet, flute, and assorted chamber ensembles. His most ambitious project was commissioning a piece with composer Armando Torrealba for baritone saxophone and piano, which Alex premiered and recorded in 2021. As he progresses into his senior year at Frost, Alex is looking forward to continuing to premiere new works as well as continuing to perform with various large ensembles and chamber groups both in and outside of Frost.


Kelsey Gallagher

Kelsey Gallagher is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in clarinet performance at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, where she is a Henry Mancini Institute Fellow studying with Dr. Margaret Donaghue. Kelsey has maintained a large private lesson studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and served as a clarinet masterclass teacher in band programs including Hebron High School and Flower Mound High School. Her students have received high honors at solo and ensemble festivals and have placed in district, region, and state ensembles.

In 2017 she was a semi-finalist in the International Clarinet Association Young Artist Competition in Orlando, Florida. Kelsey earned her master’s degree in clarinet performance at the University of North Texas, where she studied with Dr. Kimberly Cole Luevano and performed with the North Texas Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra. She earned her bachelor’s degree in her home state at the University of New Hampshire with Dr. Elizabeth Gunlogson. Kelsey’s creative interests include electronic music and modular synthesis, as well as visual art.


Garrett VanArsdale

Garrett VanArsdale is a freelance clarinetist and educator based in Miami, FL. Originally from Kansas he holds an undergraduate degree in clarinet performance from Emporia State Universitywhere he studied with Dr. Dawn McConkie. While a student at ESU he was twice selected for the music school honors recital competition as well as a winner of the Emporia SymphonyOrchestra Prelude scholarship. Additionally, he was the runner-up of the South KansasSymphony Concerto competition in 2015.

In 2016, Garrett was selected as the winner of the woodwind division for the Kansas Music Teachers National Association competition. As a winner he performed a solo concerto at the 2017 Kansas Music Educators Association conference. Garrett has performed at both the 2016 and 2019 International Clarinet Association (ICA) Clarinetfests as an e-flat clarinetist with the Emporia State University clarinet choir. In addition, he was also a finalist in the 2019 ICA research competition. In 2021, Garrett completed the MM in clarinet performance degree at theUniversity of Miami under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Donaghue Flavin. In the fall, Garrett will begin the MM in Music Education-Cert program at the Frost School of Music where he will serve as a teaching assistant with the Donna E Shalala Musicreach Program.



Jacob Bernat
Alto Saxophone

Originally from Newmanstown, PA, Jacob Bernat is equally passionate about performing and teaching.  He recently graduated with a master's degree in saxophone performance as a student of Dale Underwood at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. He was a fellow of the Henry Mancini Institute and also served as head graduate teaching assistant for the Frost Band of the Hour. There, he performed with the Frost Wind Ensemble, Frost Opera Theater, Saxophone Ensemble, and most recently the Deco Saxophone Quartet. Deco was selected as a winner of the Artist Launch Competition and will be performing at Carnegie Hall in February of 2022.

Jacob graduated from Penn State University in May of 2018 with a bachelor's degree in music education and completed a professional performance certificate in 2019 as a student of Dr. David Stambler. There, he performed with Penn State's Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Centre Dimensions Jazz Ensemble, The Penn State Marching Blue Band, and several chamber groups.  He performed Paul Creston's Concerto for Alto Saxophone as a co-winner of the 2019 Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition.



Benjamin Morris
Alto Saxophone

Benjamin Morris is a Miami-based saxophonist whose multifaceted musical abilities have resulted in myriad opportunities during his promising career. In 2017, Morris became one of the saxophonists on the New World Symphony (Michael Tilson-Thomas, artistic director) roster. Previously, Morris completed a Master of Music degree at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While there, Morris won the 2017 Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition. During his time in Pittsburgh, he performed with the Pittsburgh Ballet Orchestra, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, the Butler Symphony Orchestra, and the Balcony Big Band.

Morris is a founding member of the Bridges Saxophone Quartet, a modern professional saxophone quartet focused on bridging the gap between classical and jazz chamber music and expanding the repertoire in both genres. Currently, Morris is enrolled in the Doctor of Musical Arts program at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami, where he is a Henry Mancini Institute Fellow, an active member of the Frost Saxophone Quartet, a member of the Concert Jazz Band, and a Teaching Assistant to the studio of Dale Underwood



Maya Fisher
Bass Clarinet

Maya Fisher was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. Maya has been playing clarinet for 10 years and has recently graduated with her Bachelor of Music in Clarinet performance from the George Mason University in 2020. Throughout her studies at George Mason University, she has participated in large ensembles such as the Mason Symphony Orchestra as well as the Wind Symphony. She has also led and participated in various chamber ensembles and performance Masterclasses. Aside from performance, Maya is passionate about providing music education and access to underserved populations and Black communities. She is working towards collaboration with Organizations and creating spaces for music, information, experiences, and communities to come together.

Maya has recently completed her first year at the Frost School of Music at theUniversity of Miami where she is studying to complete a Masters in Clarinet Performance Degree. In 2020, Maya joined the Greater Miami Youth Symphony administration team as theirData Manager and Concert Orchestra Manager. When Maya is not participating in musical activities, she enjoys reading, eating, and visiting museums.

Shelby DeVore
Bass Clarinet

Shelby DeVore is a sophomore undergrad studying music education at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. She has been playing clarinet and bass clarinet for 8 years and plans to be a band director after she graduates. She is currently serving as the 2021 drum major of the Frost Band of the Hour.

Noah Brisson
Baritone Saxophone

Noah Brisson, saxophone, is a second-year master’s student at the University of Miami focusing on saxophone performance. In May of 2020, Noah received his Bachelor’s of Music in saxophone performance from the University of Connecticut under MU1 Greg Case of the USCG Band. He currently studies saxophone with Ret. Master Chief Dale Underwood (US Navy) at UM and is involved with the Wind Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and Saxophone Quartet.

Outside of school he is the baritone saxophonist in the newly formed Deco Saxophone Quartet and will be making his Carnegie debut with them in 2022. Outside of his career in music, Noah is an active member for two companies back in Connecticut where he does assisted living / rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury survivors as well as real estate.

Melanie Ferrabone


Melanie Ferrabone is a bassoonist from Panama, who currently lives and studies in the United States. Having recently completed her master's degree from the University of Miami Frost School of Music, she is currently a DMA candidate serving as the teaching assistant for the bassoon studio at the Frost School under the instruction of Gabriel Beavers and is a fellow with the distinguished Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra. Melanie began her studies in Panama at the National Institute of Music with Professor Daniel Agudo. She represented her country in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica with the Central American Youth Orchestra and at the Alfredo de Saint Malo Festival. Awarded a scholarship by The University of Southern Mississippi, Melanie completed her undergraduate degree with bassoon professor Dr. Kimberly Woolly. During this time, she was the winner of several competitions such as the Mississippi Music Teacher Association Collegiate Competition, the USM Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition, and the USM Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition.

Melanie frequently performs as a chamber and orchestral musician. During her time in Mississippi, she played with the Meridian Symphony, Gulf Coast Symphony, and Mobile Symphony. She has also been a substitute bassoonist in the New World Symphony in Miami, FL. As a chamber musician, she is a founding member of the KHAOS Winds woodwind quintet, which aims to connect and inspire audiences of all ages with contemporary music written for this instrumentation.


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