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As much as we care about community we care about the biggest of them all, the Earth.


Art is the expression of its time. It has a big social role exposing social issues. It deeply influences thinking patterns and social behaviors. We are very aware of that when we choose sponsors and never do it frivolously.

wake up miami dec 2 2019-75.jpg

Principles that guide our work

  • 100% FREE and OPEN to the public events

  • 100% post consumer paper and as much as possible all other materials

  • 100% Organic/GMO Free/sustainable/ never industrialized meat or dairy

  • Never plastic bottled water

  • We reuse and recycle

  • We pair with local/small businesses

  • We never waste food and compost and grow some (as much as we can in the small space we have :-)

Connect with the Earth, it feels awesome!!!

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