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Explore and watch some of the film projects we’ve worked on. Compelling storytelling and cinematography to keep you glued to your seat.

Un juguete para PAXy

Pretty things? Who puts them there? Miami is full of pretty things, it's just hard to see them because we are all in our cars.


Cross-pollination emerges as the dancer/choreographer speaks of his Artists In Residency In the Everglades, AIRIE experience and the composer hears his speech as musical sounds.

The process begins with Yukio Suzuki recording short summaries on his residency experience in Japanese. Juraj Kojs receives the summaries and treats them as musical materials: rhythms, melodies, articulation and pacing of the speech become musical protagonists for the composition.  Find out more

Into the wild


After its five-year life, Wake up Miami! series took some time off in 2020, like many of us did, to reconnect, explore, and go into the wild. This is PAXy's original series of seven art shorts filmed in the Everglades. Find out more.

Wake up Miami! (Chao)

Wake up Miami! is PAXy's community project to bring free live music and art to Miami Metrorail/Metromover stations every Monday morning. This video was produced from Wake up Miami! series. Inspired by a wrapped metromover named Chao.

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