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What are we working on?


(Miami Edition was postponed due to COVID-19 from 2020 and successfully completed in 2021)

Cross-pollinating elements of raising awareness about our bodies in the world, and investigation of intimacy, guide Yukio Suzuki’s character of the dance language and Juraj Kojs’ mastery of composition and performance's expression.

An artistic collaboration between Japanese dancer and choreographer Yukio Suzuki and Slovakian-born composer, sound and multimedia artist, performer, researcher and educator Juraj Kojs, to create, produce and present a multi-layered piece of art. The piece adapted and ultimately evolved from its creation, at the Everglades’ Residency AIRIE in the month of April, 2021, to each presentation.

Putting together their backgrounds, styles, and creative processes, these talented, experienced artists playfully worked around the title of the project. Cross, pollination, poly-nation… How to combine their “genetic material” to create a new variety of seed, a new artwork, a new art piece. The artists were very interested in exploring how to use the arts as a vehicle for expression and interaction in the personal, community, human, living being’s experience. What we share as earthlings, as species, as community members, and the differences that complement each other and come together to create something stronger that resonates with us all.

Cross-pollination emerges as the dancer/choreographer speaks of his AIRIE experience and the composer hears his speech as musical sounds.

The process begins with Yukio Suzuki recording short summaries on his residency experience in Japanese. Juraj Kojs receives the summaries and treats them as musical materials: rhythms, melodies, articulation and pacing of the speech become musical protagonists for a 20-minute composition. A soulful lullaby about a red dragon fly, a musical play with the local dry palm leaves and daily objects at the residency as well as sweet humming of Yukio’s little daughter further contribute to a creation of rich musical encounter.

The music piece was installed on 10 portable speakers which are then placed around the outdoor performance space at the Everglades National Park. In his performance, Yukio visits his memories through body-sound interaction and tells a unique story of time passing in this magical place.


The next step in this collaboration is for the piece to be presented in Tokyo, Japan, in 2023.

See it yourself: "Cross-pollination | Miami Edition"


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PAXy's community project that brings free live music at Government Center Metrorail/Metromover Station Mondays at 8:30 am from July to December. The program features classical, jazz, folk, reggae, and world music presented by Miami-based performers and students, and talents from local organizations. To enhance the experience dancers and performers will be presented at some of the shows.

The audience is any person who uses the Miami Metrorail/Metromover or live and/or work close to the station. A space is created for local artists to be able to showcase their work. Making the public transportation system more enjoyable will attract riders.

The project had incremented the number of events doubling it from its first year's edition. We hope in the near future to be able to have it year-round or almost, and extend it to more stations. 2020 was a challenging year, but PAXy adapted the series to its first short films original one :)


See it yourself: "Into the Wild"

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It features pop-up Art Shows around the city with live music, visual art exhibitions, performances, architectural installations and much more.  


Visual artists, curators, architects, and musicians work side by side with PAXy's team and collaborators for an entire day. The public is welcome for free to celebrate creativity and to connect the Miami's Community thru the different forms of Arts.


See it yourself: "I'm sick of Symmetry,"Nature into Art/ Art into Nature"


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It is a preferred space for cinema lovers. PAXy provides an alternative to the mainstream film experience, showing high-quality films. International film festivals, film school productions, cult movies, and masterpieces of all times are its source to celebrate and promote the films’ artistic elements and to nurture and promote the art of filmmaking itself. The movies are projected for free in different spots all around Miami.


See it yourself: "Are you cinematic?," "Catching the big FISH"


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Shipping containers in public parks that will serve as Art/Community Centers; meeting places to enjoy educational film/documentaries, concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc.

The Art-ainers will be environmentally conscious and self-sufficient models of green construction in the city, living labs to experience and experiment with new alternatives, and learning centers offering workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.

This doesn’t exists in Miami today: A place where kids learn about loving and protecting the Earth, where youngsters engage with their communities, adults educate and raise awareness in the younger generations, and older adults are involved so they remain an active part of their community.


Imagine it


> Make it happen! 

We are always interested on collaborations and sponsorship, to be involve or to know more about any of these projects you can connect with us :-)

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